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The Nightman Cometh: Boracay

By March 21, 2014Blogs

With Ultimate GT host Elliot Trotter focused on the action during the day, we turn to the nightman, David Picón, for the latest from the local late night scene.

mulatto dance

The Mulatto girls lead the dance. (Photo by Don Laczi)

Not only have the Boracay Dragons mastered the art of beach ultimate, but they have also mastered the wilder sides of the night. The Boracay Open has some of the best parties around the globe, they can start with a dip in whatever pool of whatever hotel you are staying in, with drinks being passed around ultimate players who have just met, and pool games played all the while. Then the real party comes in, where Boracay Open provides free drinks for all the players. Free alcohol can generate quite a mess, as I have seen during my journey through the dragon nights.

Off the bat, some interesting pole dancing took off at Area 51 on the very first party night, where some of the dudes from Panda Experience challenged the Canadian Speedo team guys, and a lot of their clothes came off in this man-only-pole-dance-off.

The second night was graffiti night at Summer Place, where Dragon Coach Wendell and Dragon Captain James took the DJ booth and rocked it all night, all the while people were splattering colored paint and markers on each other.

Moment of the Night: The girls from the team called Mulatto worked some cool dance moves, hyping up the crowd, who would attempt to follow their every movement.  That night ended well for some, but for others it ended hilariously. Of course, I am talking about the borderline unconscious players who were carried out of the party with the use of the luggage trolleys. Oh yes, it was not only one, I am getting recounts of different players ending up on the trolleys. We pushed our guy (I say “our guy” because he was not able to tell us his name) down the beach only stopping for a late night snack. And there we were, eating shawarma, laughing and smiling, almost forgetting our cart carrying patient parked beside our late night meal. There were times where I would yell at him angrily for making us push him on the trolly, ensuring that he wasn’t faking it and was truly in need of our help. His response always seemed to fit the part of a drunk on a trolly so we helped him get back to his hotel.

The last night was back at Summer Place, this time the dragons had taken the championship and so more of them joined the festivities, some special dance moves were even flourished by captain Panoy, while Ben took the booth and a bunch of different players took the mic, flowing in and out to the music. Again alcohol flowed in every party, making players commit to the evening. Some people even referred to these parties their best tournament nights. I can surely put them on top, and will certainly come back for them (and the tournament itself)! One thing is for sure, there is no partay like a Dragon Partay!

Song of the weekend: David Guetta – Play Hard

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