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Ultimate GT Episode 1 Released!

By July 1, 2014Blogs

It’s my great honor to release Episode 1 of Ultimate Globe Trotter! In Episode 1, I travel to Boracay Island in the Philippines to join the Boracay Dragons on the beach. The Dragons have been one of the world’s top beach ultimate teams for nearly a decade. In this episode I explore island life and train with the Dragons in preparation to compete in the Boracay Open.

There are so many people to thank for making this episode and upcoming series possible. Thank you to the Boracay Dragons for making this particular episode possible and to my family and friends for your support! I sincerely hope you enjoy this first episode and look forward to the next ones as much as I do.

Elliot Trotter

About Elliot Trotter

Elliot Trotter is the host of Ultimate Globe Trotter, and founder of Skyd Magazine.