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El Nivel, El Grande!: Elliot Rejoins Malaki at PAUC 2015

By October 10, 2015Announcements

Two years ago today I flew down to Querétaro to coach and compete with Malaki UFC at Mexican Regionals and Nationals. It was really a life changing moment that you can watch a video about here.


Next month, I will rejoin Malaki at 2015 Pan American Ultimate Championships in Cancún to represent Querétaro and compete against some great teams from the Americas. I’ll also be joined in Mexico by my brother, Max. I’m beyond excited for part one of my Throw-vember travels. El Nivel, El Grande!


Elliot Trotter

About Elliot Trotter

Elliot Trotter is the host of Ultimate Globe Trotter, and founder of Skyd Magazine.